Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH)


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so where one i want us to look at the software culture of yabatech , don’t you guys think it so poor
let take a look at the art department we all see what they do and if am to say they are the one putting yabatech in limelight cos of there creative art work
we need to do something to improve the software culture of the school


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@Ibrahim_Adewumi_Ogun i understand you. Sadly, The school will not give you the time to focus on a task or improve its “software culture”. Unless you include it in your project or have the time to work on it during SIWES, IT or after ND. You might have the time though; if you’re part time.

Those of us that can code don’t quite do well, probably because we spend time coding and/or learning to. The ones that barely do; score higher marks most of the time. Because we focus on reading and regurgitating almost exactly what we’re taught.This opinion is arguable though - We are not the same and some of us challenge the Status-Quo. My point is, while you (and/or your team) are working on something to improve the software culture, an assignment or lecture is going on and the lecturer is acting like sighs… Issorite!

I think i’m digressing here :grimacing:

I agree with you. But then, it depends on the what you’re building or working on to improve the culture.


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i understand what you are saying but there are so many ways of improving the software culture
take a look at the NACOOS week it a today disgrace . during That we they do a whole lot of other activities without put the major thing like HACKATHON or all other programming related activities
and also improving it in a way where we can be organizing small coding event in the school
most student in our department dont know how to code simply because maybe d way lecturer teachers , cos most lecturers dont actually know what they teach ,"pardon me for that statement " but it true ,and we all know we learn and understand things differently , most of dont student that dont know how to code they really want to but because there is no platform to really get them into it , though you might say what of those who do with the way lecturer’s teacher? fine but some people just need a proper way of getting started


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Bro, I understand how you feel. I am a student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic and the situation you have described here is exactly the same as that which we face here also at Mapoly but I believe that we must be the change we want to see.


Hi guys, my names are Adebola Shalom, a Computer Science student in ND2, am a web designer, and a learner in android studio. am part of a group of guys who think we can give Nigerians a better online forum with better UI and flexibility in eyecrib.com, am currently working on a project that will blow the mind of students and investors accross Nigeria. and i might and might not be working on something in Artificial Intelligence.


Hi guys, I had love to do some Tech business in Yabatech. Please does anyone know how I can get a space/shop for rent.


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Hello every one… My name is Helen Ogbogu…I’m in HND1 physics and electronics… Its really interesting to be on this platform coz I know I’ll be learning a whole lot…asides my discipline… I’m very much interested in programming and development and I believe this is a great start!



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