Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH)


Hello greatest yabatech students
i welcome you all to cchub student membership program
i hope we all have fun and at the same time learn from ourselves


Great ooooooo!!! i believe yabatech never carry last


Let’s do some introduction…
I’m Olaiya Segun, ND2 computer science
I’m a developer… PHP runs in my veins

Let’s here u… Who u EPP??


Welcome, @Olaiya_Victor_Shegun. Interesting intro.:slight_smile:


It seems you are my namesake, I’m Segun Olumide, front end web developer, ND1 computer Engineering.


hello mr Olaiya_Victor_Shegun kindly upload or share ur php project online let see.


hello guys am a student of yabatech , computer science Nd2 , i code in php(laravel)


I guess Laravel is a very common thing now, how can I reach you I’m also a student of Yabatech comp/eng , currently working on a Laravel framework project.


@wonexo nice let me share you my facebook id from there we will talk better Ogunbiyiibrahim Adewumi


how do you mean laravel is very common explain oh @wonexo


I see allot of people using the framework


cos theway usaid common as if it a small thing


:sweat_smile: small ke ,* far from it *


Hello everybody, I am Sauban Lawal, HND1 Computer engineering, Fullstack Javascript Engineer.


#sighs… I’m in ND 2 computer science currently and these names mentioned earlier are not even part of the 124 on our class list. Why’s that?


It’s nice to have you around @anosime :slight_smile:


My name is Okeke Magnus. I’m a computer science student of Yaba college of Technology - ND 2. I work part-time as a junior developer/Lead Tech support at Okadabooks.com. I am a co-founder of 4ward.ng, a startup that sells scratch cards and result checkers. I’m also a newbie at PHP, JavaScript and ReactJS. I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good but I build things and make stuffs with the little I know :blush:


I am Zannu Rita, ND1 computer science, still a newbee here


maybe that is because most of us are part-time student


Okay :smiley:
You guys are even more than Full time students. Nice to meet you Ibrahim