Would you ask an AI for Public Transport Directions?

Hey guys!

We have created a bot named Lara. Lara can provide directions & fare quotes to assist commuters get from one point A to B hassle free.

Check out: Lara.ng out by saying “Hello”

Would love to get your feedback as students of technology & students in school. :slight_smile:


Sounds like an interesting idea but I don’t think it works.

I have just been on the website and the six locations I have put in have been met with “I couldn’t find a route”.

Also, people don’t need directions to get to popular areas. If i have lived in Lagos for as little as 3-6 months, I think I should know how to go from Oshodi to Lekki.

If I need direction it will be to get from, say CcHUb in Yaba, to 18, Toyin Street, Ikeja. And is the chat interface based on WHatsApp or it uses a WhatsApp API?

I like the idea but I think its execution need to be fleshed out more.

It has a great UI. I think its really nice but it only works for popular places

Hi folarin- thanks for the feedback

Lara is new and constantly improving with more interactions so she’s always receptive to suggestions for inprovements. Surprised to hear that you tried 6 locations with no results -
Can you share your queries, or better still post a screen shot of the results from Lara… we’ll appreciate that.

Lara can get you directions to specific addresses, not only public placess. The chat interface encourages people to interact with Lara as they would with a friend. Try it out, ask LARA regular questions like, are you human or how old are you?

woow!! just checked it out.
it didn’t seem to account for my silly questions tho but it was able to provide me with vital information for major places.

I think it’s very awesome.

Yes, that’s if I get the correct description of the route after a test run.

Hi - first off, that’s a great pick for a name. Lol.

Lara recognises a lot of locations in Lagos. There are a few exceptions, but in most cases we find users do not enter their location name correctly. Could you share what places you tried that were unsuccessful.

Lara is still learning and your feedback is very important to help her do just that.

Thanks Ipaye. Glad Lara could help with directions.

Lara is actually built to respond to many “non-typical” questions, lol. We try to make her respond to as many as possible. She’s learning and before long, you’ll find that she does.

For laughs and giggles: try to ask Lara the following questions:

How old are you?
Who are your parents?
Are you human?

Have fun! :joy:

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Thank’s twisstosin.

If you think Lara is awesome - please feel free to share her with all of your friends. She gets smarter the more she interacts.


Not sure I understand your comment.

Lara typically request that you request for directions in this format: I’m going from “place 1” to “place 2”.

Test it out and let us know if she gets you your direction.

Super Amazing, it very interactive and I’ll give u a thumbs up on the UX.

I just want to suggest you do more feedback on the AI, like Getting a flight to France , it might sound hilarious but it’s just an example.

All the same I love it. :clap: :+1:

Hi Wonexo - Thanks for the Thumbsup.

Feedback is what Lara is all about. Lara gets smarter with every interaction and feedback she receives. So we created this form for receiving your feedback.

Regarding your suggestion to integrate flights booking into Lara’s capability, that’s one of the ideas we are considering. We’re excited to hear our users suggest it too. However for now, Lara is laser focused on getting public transit directions right. She needs to do that well before she starts to consider other value offerings.

Did you know Lara can figure out your exact location when you press this button: . Then all you have to do is enter your “TO” location. Test it out!

Thanks again

It’s a good work, I like it :ok_hand:t3:

i tried asking for directions within my school and i waited till i couldn’t wait anymore

@twisstosin @Yezuz-sama @wonexo @Lothario @Ipaye @TheFolarin

I have a proposition for you guys: To get compensated for helping Lara get smarter

Lara needs to learn more as most have pointed out, and she does that the more she interacts. Lara gets a lot of shares on WhatsApp University student groups, fellowship groups and other student groups. We want to keep that going so Lara can get smarter through more interactions.

So we setup a Whatsapp Student Groups Program where we incentivize folks like yourselves to post our Lara message in groups you belong to. Its pretty simple:

  1. Students like yourselves will post a Lara Ad message in a WhatsApp group (of Greater than 30 Participants).
  2. Send confirmation of this post to us - Screen shot of group info showing: group name, number of members, and a screenshot of the message in the group.
  3. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive credit alert in your number from us for your effort.

If you’re interested or you know anyone who is - send me a direct message to get started. FYI:

  • Only those who message me directly and use our Lara Ad message to get involved will get compensated for posts.
  • We’re giving between N200 - N400 credit for the post.
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Okay. I’d hit you up

it a great concept, i love the UI, you can still make the UX better, and lara needs to learn fast too… do you have any press material about lara, i can offer a free content marketing solution for 2 to 3 websites i work for.

Hi - Thanks for reaching out.

We would appreciate the opportunity to get the word out about Lara.

Some sources have written a bit about Lara recently, you may find some of their material relevant. See below:



If you need any more information, please let me know.


fantastic idea, but i think you are taking a longer route