Wordpress development and design

In this new age of web technology, almost everything essentially in the IT world has something with Internet , i feel wordpress is a good place to for beginners , just on the start up , so am looking at sharing what i learn on my on journey into becoming an wordpress developer and user , i foresee in the future more developments by users themselves, and for me wordpress creates a high level of abstraction that is needed for just anybody to build web programs. pls contribute to tips , advice and anything that can improve the learning experience of on using wordpress.


I’m a Wordpress Developer too, i’ve been using it for the past 5 years, i am also a Wordcamp Organizer in Ile ife, i see the body language most Computer scientist turn to Wordpress anytime we try to enjoin to be part of us… it’s so surprising how they haven’t come up with a better one.

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i think WordPress is very easy and faster, tho i started this year

for beginners google site is recommended, while for intermidiates wordpress and joomla and for experts html, css and query is better.
although, joomla, wordpress are contents management systems. and google site is similar to them.
you look for themes and edit.
i am recommending wix.com for anybody willing to design websites.

Please can any one teach me how to use word press to create web design and host

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Smile. You got that Bro.