Who goes there! There's an AR/VR Creation Lab at Co-Creation Hub

Hey guys,

Just in case you do not know. There is AR/VR Creation Lab at Co-Creation Hub Sabo, Yaba Lagos.

You can check in to try and learn about VR/AR and also create your own content. More info here

If you’d like to schedule a session at the Lab, reply to this thread and we’ll pick up from there

Hello, I’ll like to have a session

Great… @dukauwa. Where do you reside? Lagos?

Send a mail from Imisi3d’s website, or to hello@imisi3d.com

Can’t wait to have you!

Please I will appreciate a session.

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Hey @Jamiu_Akangbe, send a request to hello@imisi3d.com

You’ll def get a response and you can schedule a session. You’ll love it!