What problem would you love to solve?

Is there a problem in your campus or community that you would like to solve with innovation?

I’d love to hear them and maybe there are other people here that would like to work with you on the solution or to replicate the solution on their own campus. Who knows, maybe there may even be money to help you implement them.

TIPS: The request is for problems not your idea of a solution yet. Please express the problem in terms of the pain that someone/some people are facing and describe who those people are (everybody is a wrong answer here)

Who’ll open the floor?


I want to solve the problem of nigerian youth killing their dreams and aspirations and settling becuase of the discouragement of their parents. By creating a company that inspires creativity and helps bring people ideas to life through creative designs and storytelling. ( hint: I have already started :slight_smile: )


Hi Femi.

What problem will i like to solve you ask…if I must confess, they are many but the core and most important one is the problem of INSECURITY on campus and in the community.

i think of a mother community called “HELP” that serves as a remote with the community map on working with any mobile device connected with internet and if possible we have a “speed dial”.



i want to solve a problem in the educational sector, especially in public primary and secondary schools. i discovered parents don’t know the academic performance of their children not until the end of the term, i want to bridge that gap with technology…


I am a student of university of lagos,
I want to give a voice to students
bring students together as in networking
I also want to solve the problem we are facing in our methodologies, from old traditional teaching and learning methods to more technological and digital oriented methods.
I see a currently trend going on here in my very beautiful city Lagos and i want to replicate solutions given to students in developed countries to our constant rapidly growing community.

A vivid example of such a problem is the way we use handouts , when we can just have them online anywhere on our mobile phones. and i do have many more ideas!

thank for sharing


hello tennerick,
I also see a solution to this problem and I have other Ideas too.
Interestingly I am also a student of the UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, I think we can’t fix up something together.

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thanks for the awesome information.

Same here. Student of Unilag and interested in discussing solutions.

thanks my issue has been fixed.