What is/was the first program you made

Mainly for general conversations, a place to talk about whatever you want.

Well almost everyone started with printing Hello World :smile:

I was so proud of my new skill… My first program said… Hello, Danny. You are a NERD.

Yeah…for me too it was Hello World

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well, mine was hello kunmi
everyone was using hello world and i didnt like it


Cant remember bt it was in q basic​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Mine was in 2007 I created a sample yahoo registration page using notepad.


almost same background. Qbasic was my first language to program hello world

my First Program was Hello World

my first simple and useful (script not actually program) has got to be a script that lets me scrape an entire website locally to my hard drive

*parses the website
*extracts all links
*sorts it alphabetically
*remove duplicates
*downloads the damned thing
*makes it usable offline