What is arkit's equivalent on windows


So I’m trying to integrate ar in an app I’m doing but I don’t have a mac what can I use for this on windows


Hey @danny @abolajibisiriyu @eyitemi, can you help?


Sure! @anosime.

Hey, @dukauwa, Far as I know, you can only use the ARKit on a Mac computer. Apple just released the kit and of course, they want developers to create stuff for their platform first, as the technology (AR) is fairly new, it could be a strategy to have more people use their dev tools. (My thoughts)

However, there might be a few hacks out there that would allow you achieve your purpose (I haven’t found any). Still, if you are integrating with an existing solution, then the AR part of your solution will only be of use to folks who use “Apple products”.

As time flies they could release a tool for Windows users, who knows…

That said, checkout ZapWorks (An AR creation platform): See what you can build with that.

There is also Tango by Google. Has a few (device) restrictions just as the ARKit

Hope this helps!:slight_smile: