We Are Just A Call Away!

Hello awesome community,

I trust you are doing well and staying safe through this pandemic.

Together with you guys, we will conquer Covid-19.

Do you need to shop for food items? Do NOT risk your health and get essential food items delivered to your doorstep! With PricePally.com you can shop & share bulk items with others so you enjoy deep discounts on the prices of food.

Also, wellvishealth has designed its COVID19 screening tool!

Use this risk assessment tool to know your risk level, understand what to do, get advice and when to call. Take the test: http://covid19.wellvis.org

CcHUB has launched Needs! A social exchange platform to help you get essential items during the lockdown. Request now and get help: http://needs.fyi

This service is currently available in Lagos, Nairobi & Kigali.

Have a great weekend folks!

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