University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)

This is to welcome every Lions and Lioness on this platform. Welcome to the CCHUB Students Community. Lets make good use of this platform!

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Any UNN student in the house? Hello @Calveen, where are your Lions and Lionesses? :slight_smile:

Oh, Lions even dey here. What’s up?

Yes, I am here. I think others will join when they hear about the platform

We are the Lions…hala @calveen and @tage

Nice to have you here @zoba

Welcome Guys @tage and @TechieToby. Lets make optimum use of the platform and also tell others about it!

@caveen victor here and also a lion

Shalvah Adebayo here. Electronics Engineering, 400 Level. I do C++, Java(Android) and of recent PHP and Laravel. Hi everyone. Nice to be here.

TechieToby changed to Chizoba…more lions and loiness should be invited please :slight_smile: