University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)


This is to welcome every Lions and Lioness on this platform. Welcome to the CCHUB Students Community. Lets make good use of this platform!


Any UNN student in the house? Hello @Calveen, where are your Lions and Lionesses? :slight_smile:


Oh, Lions even dey here. What’s up?


Yes, I am here. I think others will join when they hear about the platform


We are the Lions…hala @calveen and @tage


Nice to have you here @zoba


Welcome Guys @tage and @TechieToby. Lets make optimum use of the platform and also tell others about it!


@caveen victor here and also a lion


Shalvah Adebayo here. Electronics Engineering, 400 Level. I do C++, Java(Android) and of recent PHP and Laravel. Hi everyone. Nice to be here.


TechieToby changed to Chizoba…more lions and loiness should be invited please :slight_smile: