University of Lagos (UNILAG)


Hello. I’m Ire, Computer Engineering 400level. Haha, there’s so much talk here about web dev. Well, I currently work on android app development. I like to connect with developers. Nice to meet you guys.


Hi I’m Mubarak Jimoh 300 level electrical electronics engineering. I code in HTML CSS PHP C++.


hi @_Ire i’m Ben , Surveying&Geoinformatics engineering 300L . i’m currently learning android app development and working on my project @Cc hub . inbox me,i’d like to share an idea with you.


Chairman,am glad I found you here,joined solely because of you.
Lost my phone…long stories
Call me asap.
Salami olalekan (central database project guy)
Or mail me at
U are highly needed.


Holla everyone!!! The name’s Dimeji.
I am a web developer with technologies such as ASP.NET CORE, HTML$CSS ,JavaScript, PHP, node. I am also a mobile app developer with Xamarin, UWP. I know a bunch of programming languages but C#, Python, Java and C++ interest me most. My love for robotics and IOT is really everything now.
Oh oh and am also a 400 level student of Systems Engineering, UNILAG.
That’s pretty all…


Hello Akokites, My name is Ogbekile Samuel popularly known as ogbeks. I am studying Electrical Engineering 300L. I would like to introduce an upcoming program by our Department for those who are ready to develop their skill by taking part with team of both software and hardware. Please get ready for University of Lagos Innovations Club.


Just heard about it recently. I think it’s going to be a good one


Hello fellow Akokites, I’m Adedayo Moshood, a 400l Social Work Student. I’m a Website Developer with specialty in Front End Development. I do UI/UX for websites and Apps.


Hello guys, I’m Onose Ejiro, 400 level computer engineering. I code in c++/little java{Andriod}, I’m also good at networking(tech). I’m moving on to the GO lang…, plus I’m a lifelong student


Hi Ire, can we chat up on WhatsApp? I’m a biomedical engr 500L student from Unilorin
My number is 08032130560


Hello my name is Cyprian. science,just started to learn on html and css,andi could love u guys to help me out as a email is ukaegbule. please I could love to hear from you guys


I’m ukauwa David, 200level computer science, intern , ui designer and ingressive campus ambassador


hello, i’m a 400level Estate management department.
i’d like to discuss a project with you or even meet with you.
09078899843, please buzz me


Hi, am Abdullahi in systems engineering 100L am in to web design. I major on php, mysql, html,css, javascript, and little of python for now. Hoping to meet somene who will train me


Hello isu muhammded, i will like to meet up with you to learn am also a system guy


hy david can we meet up am also a in system guy


hello am cyprian 200 level student department of computer scienc i need help on how to work on mysql and php.pls call me 08147666673


Hi @abolajibisiriyu, @kama_mishael,
Are you interested in a job opportunity as full-time/part time? Looking for candidates with your knowledge to be part of our development team.

Any other candidates please feel free to contact me at Our website is here.

Bahij Mansour