University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Hello Akokites, My name is Sulaiman studying Electrical Engineering, 400L…
I love to code, I code in PHP, Javasript and Java and i use Laravel, Planning to learn Adonis JS…
Please feel free to introduce yourself. And lets rock this community together.


Do you have live projects you’ve worked on with PHP, Javascript or Laravel?

In Falz’s voice Coman mentor my younger brother. He is in UniLag and doing comp engineering.

At the moment, both laravel pojects i’m working on are in development phase. They are deployed currently on my local machine. One is a questionnaire website and the other is an internal tool for repair services

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I’m still a laravel rookie, but i’m open to help in anyway, and learn from him too

I’m also a university of lagos student. computer Engineering 400level.
initially coded in c++ but now switching to web coding. i’m currently learning php and laravel and other web based technologies.:grinning:

I guys I’ve been hearing about Laravel and would do some research, can u give me a simple explanation of what Laravel does or is it a framework?

LOL. He is a fresher. I would DM you straight away now.

waddup guys !

I’m Mishael Kama, I’m a student of Unilag; Computer Engineering Yr 5. I code in HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS…I also use frameworks like Cordova and Electron for building cross platform mobile and desktop apps…

Don’t mind my profile o…I’m still a small boy…when we have people like Mark Zuck!


Mr abolajibisiriyu which language exactly do u write?

@walexdavid59 Php, JavaScript cuz, I’m a web developer. But, I learnt Java prior because i wanted to go into android development.

whaooo…thats good

To start with, a framework is more like a tool box that has the tools to accomplish basic tasks e.g A carpenter’s toolbox would contain hammer, nails, etc.

Laravel is a PHP framework that makes you app development simple and faster, it comes with the basic things you need to build your web app and more e.g:
User authetication,
CSRF protection,
more at

So it makes you write less code than you would writing your web app from the scratch, so you focus on your app logic plus it’s easy to learn.
I hope this helps :wink:


Thanks allot it really helped :+1:

The boss is here​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Hey yo everyone wassap
I’m David Popoola, I’m in Unilag as well, Systems Engineering 100 level.
I’m a MEAN stack developer, I do a lot of ionic, Cordova, PubNub & firebase. I’ve played around with python(django & flask), ruby(ruby on rails) and C# for writing game scripts for Unity(the game engine). I do freelance work here & there, and during my spare time, I work on enhancing my MEAN stack skills. In the nearest future, I aim to pick up electron and probably try out react JS.


You’re interning at CcHUB?

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Wow, how can one intern there too

Hey everyone. I am Isu Muhammed, 300 level systems Engineering student. Web app developer. And aspiring full stack developer. I do most of my work with c#, HTML, JavaScript, python and Java. Interested in working with machine learning and iot in the near future.