The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB)


Say hello if you’re a student of the federal university of agriculture Abeokuta.


Hey my name is Paul . And yes, I am a FUNAABITE :grinning:


Hi Paul!!! Are you programming ? Or intermediate or expert ?


Intermediate. I’ll be at ICTREC tomorrow by 1:00pm


Hello guys, My name is Goodluck am a C# developer, really don’t know where to place myself either beginner, intermediate or Pro… But i can get anything done, and have also Done an entire stack with c#. My major goal is to solve Problems and to have an impact on people’s life with Technology (Software development mainly)


That’s nice. :smiley: . Nice to meet you . I’m into web .


Hello @Ceegee Awesome! Um, let’s just call you pro, if you don’t mind. Welcome!


Thanks @anosime, of course you can call me a pro :slight_smile:


Great @ Paul, which techs do you use for your web dev?


I consider myself a middle-end developer cos I learnt things in an awkward manner. But I use HTML,CSS,PHP,jQuery … and I’m still learning. Definitely farr from being a pro :slight_smile:


hello…i’m wura…lets just say i’m a beginner


Okay thats nice :slight_smile: . Nice to meet you Wura . You aren’t Wura from Marble abi ? o.O


i am oo…u know me??:laughing:


Yup I do . RCF choir . Lol I won’t freak you out more. It’s good to know you’re interested in TECH. Welcome, again.


thanks much…glad m here


@Ceegee dude, nice to see you here!


Am Adeoluwa Adejumo, am known by a lof of different names tho but most people call me Ade with ami on the head yoruba

Flirts with programming languages

Mostly Web dev & Automation with Python


Thanks Ade, Nice to see You Also


Am Gbenga… Recently graduated


It’s nice to be here.
Happy to be a member of this great community.
And of course, a proud Funaabite