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Hi guys,

First off, a full disclaimer: I had previously launched this on radar, but still would love your feedback as i see an active and growing community here. Really great stuff you got going. This is my first post and i sure promise to be as brief as possible.

With the high rise of the dollar, Facebook and Google ads are becoming more expensive by the day, Most bootstrapping founders(like myself) finds it really difficult to keep up as they have little or no marketing budget.

With, we are rethinking how ads are consumed, leveraging on the trust factor. For just a small fee, we connect startup founders(like yourself) with social media influencers, people with over 5,000 REAL followers who can help you advertise on their social media timelines, leverage on their influence, followership and trust to get the word out about your products and services as qwikkly as possible.

Think of it, What if you could validate your product idea by paying Emeka, N5,000 for a tweet about your offer to over 15,000 real twitter followers or Jessica N10,000 for a shout out on her Youtube channel with over 27,832 subscribers, 500,000 Views.

Don’t forget people, the average Nigerian is exposed to hundreds if not thousands of ads per day and in 2015 alone over 47% of online customers used ad block technology, in response to dissatisfaction with digital advertising and over 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands.

Seriously guys, i think the way we advertise is gradually changing, People no longer trust ads, they trust people. Really would love your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Is this something you would use as a founder?