The CcHUB Student Commnunity

Welcome to the CcHUB Student Community

The CcHUB Student Community is a forum for students anywhere in Nigeria. Whether you’re an undergraduate of a University, Polytechnic, or any other Tertiary Institution - consider this home!

We created this community as a way of fostering collaboration and co-creation among students. Our hope is that through collaboration, members will create technology solutions that will solve real problems and have significant social impact.

Consider this a blank space, while we will occasionally step in to steer the conversations we’ll let you for the most part determine how this community will function.

Head over to the Feature Requests to request new features you believe will improve the platform

##Ground Rules
Nothing rigid, just common sense.

  1. Be kind :grinning:
  2. Don’t be rude (no personal attacks) :rage:
  3. No advert placements📢
  4. Don’t post personal details of others. UNLESS you get permission from the person :scream:
  5. No Nudity :unamused:
  6. Have fun :video_game:

Last Updated: 30th October 2016.