The American Corner Is Here!



Have you heard about the American Corner at CcHUB? Is that a no? Well that’s why I am here!

The American Corner is an American Style Resource Center… let me get to the juicy part. We provide free internet access for educational and research purposes. Plus we give you free access to our library books and over 160,000 online books! Whew that’s a lot!

I’m not done yet! We also hold programs, trainings, workshops, you name it. But that isn’t even the best part! Guess what? It’s all free!!!

So come to the Corner, we are on the ground floor at CcHUB. Follow us on Twitter @acCchub and Facebook @accchub.

Do you have any questions? Shoot!


Can I know the type of trainings that are held in the American corner


What type of books do u guys have over there?


How can I come onboard


They have books on STEM, entrepreneurship, and some academic books too


We hold trainings on a wide array of topics. We take feedback from members as to what trainings we should hold. Just to give you an idea, so far we have held trainings on using online databases for efficient research, in our STEM Club we are currently learning 3D Printing and Design. If you have any ideas let us know!


Hi Micheal, thanks for your interest. All you have to do is register here:

We look forward to having you!


We have books on entrepreneurship, programming, EducationUSA etc. Check out our library catalog here:


Is membership permanent or limited for a duration of time?


Permanent. You only need to register once!


You don’t want to miss our FREE 3D Printing Make-A-Thon. Limited slots available! Fill this form to attend:


thanks, I’m looking forward to it


Hi Tolu,
I got 2 till my next assignment and I don’t want to waste it. Any program to keep me learning till then?
I am a web developer and just got out of school. Glad for a response soonest.


Hi Khallis,

Perhaps you can take some online courses to improve on your skills and learn new ones. There are several free online courses available on various platforms such as EdX, Udacity, Udemy and lots more.


Join us on Monday the 23rd of October 2017 for RoboRave Training: This is a Robotics Education program to teach students and teachers how to design, build, program and test robots to perform a variety of tasks.

The Workshop slot for undergraduates is: Tuesday 24th October 2017 from 9am -12pm at the American Corner CcHUB, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way Sabo, Yaba


Unable to attend due to schedule issues, looking forward to subsequent events.