SchoolPal…The Journey So Far




Babalola Oluwatobi Emmanuel, Obadina Tobi, Chidi Uwaleke, Abolade Bashir Akanni

A Saucecode Hackathon Project

About Saucecode

Saucecode is a project aimed at discovering and celebrating the finest tech talents in Africa starting with Nigeria. it was conceived to challenge the talents in our ecosystem, encourage programming best practice, promote collaboration, make new role models out of the very best and put Nigeria on the map again.

Defining The Problem

“It is one thing to rant, it is another for us to be clear about what the shared understanding of a ‘good school’ is. Suggested scoring criteria include quality of infrastructure, faculty, effectiveness etc. The solution needs to be able to allow for anonymous reporting of issues e.g sexual harassment, extortion, method of teachers, trainers, lecturers and must be very practical and easy to scale in Nigeria.”

Our Solution… SchoolPal

Our solution which is named SchoolPal is a slack-like chat application that help students and other stake holders communicate, review their schools, view school reviews, provide quality information to students who are about to get admission into an Higher Institution, anonymously report sexual harassment, cultism and other academic or social concerns around their institution.

Potential Users
SSCE Candidates, Jamb Candidates, University, Polytechnic and Colleges Students, Management Officers of Higher Institutions, Government and Private Sector Agencies etc.

Getting To Work
First we Define: [The P, BG & PU ]
Then We Discover:
We Analyze what we discovered
And Then Design and Build
Doing competitive analysis of existing solutions.
Conducting user research.
Creating our persona’s from gathered data.

User Persona
User Persona: Anonymous User
Username: @user-1
Age: Unkown
User Scenario: this unknown person wants to report a case of sexual assault and extortion happening in her school. But she wants to be anonymous.

User Persona: SSCE & JAMB User
Username: @precious
Age: 15–19
User Scenario: Precious is a recent SSCE holder and is about to enroll for JAMB but she is confused about what school to choose and would like to know which university to choose.

User Persona: University/Polytechnic Student
Username: @kanyewest
Age: 20 and Above
User Scenario: Adeknaye Emmanuel is currently a student of LASPOTECH and in his second year. He and other course mates need a better communication tool. They find out that the solution they currently use is not built specifically with students in mind.

User Persona: University/Polytechnic Officials
Username: @wale
Age: 30 and Above
User Scenario: some universities and polytechnics found out they have been having low admission rate due to some surveys on SchoolPal. So they’ve setup a team to change the narrative. They want prospective students to know the best the institution as got to offer. So they’ve signed up for SchoolPal to get their message across to the audience that needs it. And they can only find this audience on SchoolPal.

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