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This is my latest work . is an interactive talent networking platform designed to connect budding acts within the arts and entertainment industry (Music, Fashion, Film, Photography, Blogging etc.) to opportunities and services that would promote their careers.

Reviews are highly appreciated. Cheers


cool :thumbsup: , what back-end did you use for it.

Thanks @abolajibisiriyu for your review. The backend uses PHP. It was built on top of Codeigniter. I used bootstrap stylus for the frontend development.

@abolajibisiriyu, @udezekene

In developing, we made use of ImageOptim ( for compressing our images on the fly. We use Thumbor ( to generate smart thumbnail (Facial and feature recognition while generating thumbnail). We Used uploadcare ( to process file upload. We used mailgun ( to send out emails to users and Hybridauth ( for social authentication. It was a very interesting project. And finally installed cloudflare on top of the app for security and speed.


nice work man…I have a project that am trying to work on will need your kills… if interested mail me

thumbs up bro nice work

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i got an issue here i don’t really get your message and i think you don’t need to talk much about what you doing since its like PR and actually do it you know , i mean you need more contents!

Waw , okey I’m jealous, this UI looks good to me, but which tools tools/ framework did you use exactly

@wonexo thanks for your comment. For the UI, we used bootstrap with stylus and gruntjs. For backend development we used Please check out

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@tennerick thanks for your comment. If i understand you well, you meant there was no need for details shared in this post Please check out. If that is correct, I shared the tools only to help people that may need it in any of their projects. I understand the fact that there are no contents yet, we are working very hard on that. Thanks once again.

Cool, in fact very cool. But the content are not really catching, for example, the content was not able to convince me to sign up.
Try reviewing the content

Thank you so much @Ogunniyi we will improve on that asap. We appreciate your reviews. Thanks

ok thats good to hear , Godspeed

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