New to web development


you can say that again


hello guyz am new to web developing but am having a little challenges in SQL can some one help me out


Sorry what challenges are you having, we might be able to help


please i need a forum algorithm and wireframe


I create two Tables name ItemDetails and OrderDetails. ItemDetails Table has a Column name QuantityInHand and OrderDetails Table has a Column name QuantityReceived, and i need to perform the following.

  1. QuantityReceived should be added to QuantityInHand in the Items table.
  2. When a record is inserted into QuantityReceived, QuantityInHand in the Items table
    should be updated automatically.
    Pls what Query are my To type…


@Idowu_Damilarey an approach is :

step 1: Get the row that has the QuantityInHand you want to update.
step 2: Insert the QuantityRecieved into the table.
step 3: Add the value of the QuantityRecieved to the QuantityInHand.
step 4: Update the row you got in step1.
If you’re using PHP, it’s pretty easy
I hope this helps :wink:


Ok thanks alot i will work on it and tell you if it work for me but am not using PHP


That will be the little prob


@Idowu_Damilarey the language should not be a problem, just write the SQL statements that’ll perform those tasks. :thumbsup:


Nice one bro, I also started learning it too


Angular.js is looking quite interesting


If you want to learn web development is web designing essential. I just started learning web designing (ie HTML and CSS).


what version, 1 or 2?


I got stuck, dont know what to do next. I have knowledge in Html, CSS (boostrap) and basic javascript.


can you tell me where you got stuck


hello everyone here i am chikwendu, i am very new to programming but i have passed through the basics of html and css i would love to know if its the best language to start with ass a new programmer i would love to learn python to… for now i can code a page that looks like the 90s website… i mean websites we had in the 90s pls anyone with good idea should inbox me


It’s a first step, but don’t take CSS for granted it’s what gives a good UI to the web.


you are new to programming? ok no problem here is a site and app to help you get along the road.

solo learn


Sorry, I won’t advice anyone who’s just learning web development and wants to be proficient in it to use wix, There’s no point looking for shortcuts when learning.


What to confirm if they are any training class cchub orgainze for anyone new to Web development especially weekend