New to web development


Hi guy if you are new, let’s get to know each other and see how we could work together, and solve some little challenges u might have in the process.


hi good . . am new to programing . but i was able to develop one social network. will need your help in some areas . . how do i get you pls.
you can check the site here.
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Akiode Olusegun.


I am a newbie to code can someone help me out on where to start ? @wonexo @olusegun_akiode


@temmyadex It depends on what aspect of programming you are interested in.
If you want to learn how to program at least in any language, Python would be a good starting point. Its easy to learn and a good language to start with. Then you can move further in it or explore other options… have fun :thumbsup: we are all here to help one another :wink:


new here and currently learning python(django)


what problem do you have, so i could know if it’s something i can help with


Any angular devs here?


I just started learning Angular 2


Cool ,I jst started also bt a ave learnt d basics to build a fully functional angular 2.0 app…am currently building my first angular app


cool, same here, though i’m still trying to wrap my head around the routing. School exams is holding me.


success man…I had issues understanding child route bt I have gotten my head around it


Hello all, I just started learning HTML. I hope it’s a good start for web development.


Yea, it is a marvelous start :slight_smile:


Thank you D. I thought it was not so great cus everyone’s talking python, js and the rest, Thanks for the reassurance.


HTML is jst for writing markup for webpages…Python, php and JavaScript are backend and front end languages which u should also learn.
For ur html and CSS , I will suggest u pickup bootstrap(after a basic understanding of HTML and CSS)… Bootstrap is a html and CSS framework that provides beautiful markups for webpages, it is easy to learn.


Loads of thanks once again D. Really appreciate.


i’m also relatively new to web although ive learnt all the basic there is to learn from html to javascript even tho my javascript is a bit rusty but im looking to take it to the next level.


Building projects and solving problems takes your skill to d next level… Am also an advanced beginner


If you’re a total beginner @Marvelous_Rapheal and want a humble beginning i will suggest you start with and after which you use what you’ve learnt there to create something outside the examples, then you can as well check basic of bootstrap to have ideas of how everything connect as suggest by darangi then share challenges with the forum then we all learn together with the support of people like @udezekene to help point in precise right dirrction


hey bro i think you got a nice job, buh i think you need a bunch of css to play with to make the form cute enough because i think its too crude, i think you need more features to be attractivem thanks