National Open University [NOUN]


Hello friends my name is Segun OLasupo 500l Law student… i have the zeal programming and ors and i hope i can learn more on this platform. any nounites here


yes,there is
am new to the platform too do


yes I’m also a nounite, nice to see you here.


i am a nounite too. can we talk about a problem


what is the problem, kindly share bro


wow!!! glad to meet NOUNITES here, also a nounite


Welcome on board amaka


Hey guys, trust we’re all doing well.
I’m Samuel Renner and a computer Science Student at NOUN.
It took me a while to be here.

I’m glad I am and will like to have a long discussion about an idea i’ve been working on for a while now. However, I’m kinda stuck and would love to meet with potential partners with complementing skills to work together.



Hello Samuel, welcome to the community. Who do you have in mind to have as a discussant on your idea? Maybe we could assist in connecting you.


Thank you for reaching me @anosime
Someone good with building an humongous and strong API for contacts.
#front and #back-end.

If you can help me. I would really appreciate.