Ladoke Akintola University of Technology [LAUTECH] Introduction

Hello, I’m BJ and I’m currently majoring in Computer Science at LAUTECH. Ladokites on here should please introduce themselves. Don’t be shy.

Yeah I’m here…Ismail Show baba!
Will posy my current projects updates soon.


Hello guys. Im pastor coded! i’m from the department of Computer Science and Engineering (Computer Science option). Im a web developer and digital marketer. Im so happy to connect with you guys.


You’re welcome guys.

hi guys I am tfk from cse, computer science option. its good to be here…

I’m Adeoye Oluwatobi , a 300l EEE student with passion for computer programming… I know meeting you guys will be of enormous advantage…

Let’s start here!!!

Hi am Akinlabi, 300l chemical engeering,

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Wow! Engineers all over,
I’m Taofik, I’m currently in 300L studying Agric Sciences. I’m also a Content Writer and it feels good to be here.

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Oh woow… Nice to find you here bro✌

Cool … Nice one

It’s really good to have you here sir!:v:

Hihi guys!

I’m Olukokun Ibrahim Olanrewaju, 300L Electronics Electrical Engineering… I’m xo xo happy to find you guys here and I hope to work well together with you all. I love anything Technology and I volunteer a lot so feel free to share your ideas with me and we’d see how it becomes achieved. I’m a Public Speaker, Writer, Freelancer, and most importantly an AIESECer :v:

Nice meeting you all!!
Feel free to call me ‘Positive’

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I’m Ilelaboye Lekan, mechanical engineering student. I’m a web developer and also a hardware programmer. Nice meeting to guys

Oluwatobi here, studying computer engineering