Javascript - what a crazy Programing Language


Goshhh… Javascript realm is making me go crazy. How crazy, is it
ReactJS, ElectronJS, nodeJS, angularJS, expressJS, mysqlJS… Everthing is almost sufixed with JS. Day in day out new JS frameworks, methodology are been developed… This is so overwhelming and it is making me go crazy, which one and what should I learn, how should I apply it, Where should I start from? Pst… All this questions are ringing in my mind and making me go crazy… Oh! This is crazy… I am so helpless… Who can help me get started? I have already learned and being using Javascript, jQuery, JSON… What next??


Hello @ahkohd If you’ve gone through the basics of javascript(i mean es5).

es5 is basically javascript without OOP, lambda, and let keyword, etc

A good starting point is jQuery, jQuery is a library written in javascript that makes your javascript code neater and shorter, it helps to simplify your code and gives you easy access to:

DOM manipulation,
Animation, etc. more at their website.

and JSON is javascript object notation and is a part of what you learn your basics of javascript, a very common most useful case of using JSON is to store, get or send data in an Ajax call.

jQuery is very good, but in my own opinion, in case of large application like SPAs(Single Page Application), it can be very tedious as you’'ll be writing too much for tasks that have been implemented(DRY=>Don’t Repeat Yourself), so you’ll need a framework.

In the long run i recommend you study the new version of javascript(es6 or es2015), as most of the various frameworks we have today are adopting it already, coupled with observables, promises and if you’re going the Angular 2 way, it would be very nice to learn Typescript alongside the other I’ve mentioned.

NodeJS is a platform that allows you to write your web-backend with javascript, in place of PHP, Python, Ruby etc.

ExpressJS is a NodeJS library/framework that makes it easy for you to write web-backend and APIs, another node framework that does the same is HapiJS.

ElectronJS is a way for you to write a cross-platform desktop application with HTML and CSS using javascript as logic, think of it has converting a web app to a desktop app.

I think you should focus on one part at a time… and have fun :thumbsup:

And google, stackoverflow and this community is here to help!!! :grinning:

I hope this helps :wink:


awesome!! Thanks very much


@abolajibisiriyu has made brilliant points on how you can get started with Javascript.

The foundational javascript - vanilla javascript as it’s called is very important. Once you have that basic knowledge, it’ll be easier for you to add new dimensions (frameworks & libraries).

I think the challenge for someone starting out these days is that there are a tonne of distractions. I don’t think you should worry about 17 javascript libraries or frameworks; FOCUS is key, forget the noise and people that tell you to learn the next new framework.

Know what you want to get out of it; learn what you need; stay focused.


Also IoT enthusiasts don’t need to worry that much since we have javascript robots, with javascript framework like johnny-five, we can power our hardware devices on the web.


Nice…please what’s the fastest path one can take to be a bit efficient in Js in a month coming from python background


Can vanilla be used instead of Jquery ?


@teenoh jquery is a javascript library, vanilla javascript(aka es5) is the language itself. If you’re using jquery, you’re still writing javascript.


ok, thanks for the clarification @abolajibisiriyu. so which is better jquery --> ES6 -->React or jquery --> basics of ES6 --> React --> more on ES6 as a path of learning


@teenoh vanilla javascript(es5) is ok to learn jquery, i don’t think jquery supports es6 as of now, maybe later. You can check to clarify though. And React is another library/framework you can learn that after jquery. or try Angular after jquery

es5 ----> jquery -----> es6 with observables(Rxjs) (and Typescript if you’re looking to learn Angular2) ----> Angular2/React ---->GO WILD!!

i hope this helps :wink:


Really cool and relevant info here. Thanks guys


Coming from strongly type OOP languages to Javascript can be intimidating. I remeber jumping to and from from learning Javascript. and Now I cant work with out it. I came from a C# background and seeing how loosed JavaScript i can be very frustrating. Now there is es5 and also es6 and different coding standards like Airbnb etc. should help you get it right. With frameworks like ReactJS suit specific purposes. ReactJS is awesome for fronted and I use it a lot, ElectronJs is mostly for wrapping your application in a desktop executable binary format so your web app runs as a native desktop application. ExpressJS is a serverside framework and their are many options out there. I will advice you start with a fullstack NodeJS framework, and not MEAN or MERN as their learning curve is quite high. Use meteor. Even though I dont do productio apps with it (personal reasons). Meteor is cool for newbie

First pick a framework, I’d recommend MeteorJs as its easy to get a hang of things.
Start a mini project and get it done.
Try another and get it done.
Then start messing around NodeJs and before you know it your there.

Note: once your in on Javascript its addictive, you cant get out
Avoid JQuery and observables for now. Reason is Observables is a pretty advance topic and you dont want to start there. Jquery is easy but its syntax is does not look like pure Javascript.