Java / Erlang / C++ / C Programmer Interested in an App Project

Hello guys,
I am currently working on an app project and it is a really huge idea and it has been tested in the real world market.
I need a Partner to complement my own personal skills, so as to complete the project in a shorter period.
I am currently in LAGOS , A student of the UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS. I program in JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, SWIFT and I do SQL a bit. I am also a bit into UI design.
Anyone with JAVA / ERLANG/ C++/ C knowledge should contact me if we can do this together

Erlang? I’ve never met anyone, in person or virtually, who does that. Why did you go for that lang? Building something of the scale of WhatsApp?

even if your idea is huge, start with a simpler and widely used technology (makes your development easier), companies like facebook started with php b4 going with hack and hhvm(even still use php just runs on hhvm), twitter started with django b4 going with scala. You may never actually need all the performance languages like c++ has to offer , and if you’re bordered about concurrency or latency, i’m sure languages like php, python, ruby and javascript can still handle it if ur code is well written. just choose the technology that best suites your app.
i hope this helps :wink:

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yeah man, not whatsapp tho… .but the technology is of that standard :slight_smile: .

thanks for that man. I will RE-consider my options if I need to. :slight_smile:

Hi Mayor… awesome.
Seems you have been long in the business of programming- working with erLang.