Internship at cchub


How can I get into Cchub for internship for my second semester Holiday

CcHUB Graduate Program



Hi @anosime

I am a student of Computer Engineering , UNILORIN.
I reside in Lagos.
I am not new to programming even tho I am not as good too.
I wish to request for learning space where I could utilise my Holiday period to the fullest and attain skills intead of while away in the holidays.
I am not new to cchub as well, I am one of the Efiko pilots, a winner also. I know a few number of people too like Uncle Mayowa, Kalu, Desmond, Tosin and the likes.
I would appreciate if you can help me see to my request, thank u.


Hiya @yaung_keem! Great! What would you like to learn whilst in the learning space?


Would love to learn web development; full stack web development and python language



@yaung_keem Great! You would need to apply for our CodeCamp coming up in July/August.

I will give you more information once the registration starts.

CcHUB Graduate Program

Thanks a lot
Plz do not forget me


Good day,
I’d like to be informed too.



Good afternoon,
Pls, I’d like to be informed too
Thanks in anticipation


Thanks a lot, would look forward to that


same here pls update me when any thing is out too


Hey @tope_adeniran , will certainly update you all. We have something cooking for you and I will announce here on this platform.


Hi @yaung_keem,

Great to here you were a part of the Efiko pilot. I see you’re a Computer Engineering student and looking for opportunities during the holiday. We’re currently recruiting for part-time educators for the 2017 Summer of Code. You can view details here and apply if interested.