I need a Mentor

I am currently an undergraduate of Abia State University, lectures here are not inspiring at all, in fact majority of my course mates are backward. I had to learn HTML and CSS on my own online, and then I downloaded an 11-hour python video which I am going through. I also own an online store, but slowed down due to lack of motivation and constructive ideas.

I need a mentor, not someone who would teach me everything bit by bit , someone who will motivate me, tell me what’s trending in the tech world, tell me what I can do with what I am learning and give me tasks. Please, if it’s laid in your heart to be that person, male/female, I don’t mind. I need to meet you. I am a great person and quick learner. Thank you, :slight_smile:.


Hello bro, i saw your message you can contact me via 08151709762 whatsapp only, or my fb Orator Eseiwi Omorogbe… > let’s talk i have something for you.

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