I designed a Social Network just like facebook. check it out


SGZ Chat is an online social chatting site with an Android App, locally designed in Nigeria to hook up new pals, meet people around you, instant messaging makes new friends, Place free Ads, Read News, 100% fun and loads with a very little amount of Kilobyte. Just Register, Login and there you are

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Hello, I checked it, and the first issue i saw was that after i registered and wanted to refresh the page it gave an alert wanting to post my registration details again, which means you didn’t redirect me to that page (this is is an issue you’ve got to fix). And i guess you know where you have to improve, starting from the UI… Good job anyway, i’ve not been able to publish my own work :disappointed:.


Wow . … thanks boss . . i really appreciate ur observation on ma site. i will look into dat. and as for d Users Interface u said. am not really too good in graphics and dats wat is killing me here. but will also improve on it .
Thanks a million.


I just checked it. Major thing is the UI and UX :slight_smile: . Some bit of CSS and it would be a whole lot better . Also, the title of the homepage is “index” . The login form isn’t displayed properly. After i registered, the “registeration succesful” message shows up on top of the navbar, which suggests that you echoed it out (which isn’t ideal). Also after logging in, you showed me my password in plain text. That’s a bit scary becasue it shows that you didn’t use encryption talkless to talk of hashing. I didn’t try to mess with the registration form but i hope its secure :slight_smile: , also it doesn’t look like it is optimized for computers . Well done though !


U have tried bro… buh it can b better


Thanks for taking your time to go tru ma site. Firstly, I echoed it back bcos i was unable to redirect to loginsuccess.php. keep getting an error like (section already sent). Secondly, I show Username and Password after registration bcos am still working on how ma users will get it as SMS after registration. Lastly, the form is highly validated with Java Script. and as for the CSS, UI, UX. . . i will still go for more class on it.
I really appreciate your comment. thanks plenty


I’m really glad you took it well. With your attitude, you will go very very far in life and not just code ! :slight_smile:


@Olusegun_Akiode Instead of sending an SMS you can just send the user an email.

For the redirection; its easy, what you can do is, if the code that handles the registration is on the same page as the registration form, put it in another file. Reason is the header() function for redirecting doesn’t work if any thing as been outputted to the browser already(there are ways to that, but i wanna keep it simple) .For example:


<?php session_start(); // after registering user i.e some database insertion etc. $redirect_page = 'index.php'; $_SESSION['status'] = 'You have been registered successfully'; // save status message in session header("Location: http://$redirect_page"); // redirect the user to index.php exit; // to make sure no other code gets executed if any ?>



<?php session_start(); if(isset($_SESSION['status']) && !empty($_SESSION['status'])){ ?>
<?php echo $_SESSION['status']; ?>
} <?php $_SESSION['status'] = null; // unset the status variable `

I hope this helps :wink:


Hmmmmmm . thanks for your words. its highly motivating. you ar the best :grinning:


Wow . . am very sure this solution you gave me will really solve many of my problems. I fully understand the code. after i implement it, i will surely get back to you. this what i gat to play with for the rest of today. lols:grinning::slight_smile:


Its good a thing to try out something. But personally I don’t think this i designed a social network just like facebook check it out should be the topic of this thread.


Hi Boss . . I dnt really get you, but am assuming you saying my topic is not good. if dats whats you mean. pls kindly give me a topic you wish its good for it so i can edit it.


I visited your site but as a first timer visiting it is 3secs, I could not get an understanding of the site until u explained it, like others said do some CSS TO It , I would have found Time to work with you on this but I’m not chanced to fully do so.


Thanks so much sir, The site is just a simple social network with similar features from Facebook and 2go. and i tried using less graphics just to control the site response time and mak it less data consumption. but i wnt mind working with you. can i get you phone number so i can always call u. awaiting your response sir


Good morning sir, I have redesign my Index.php. i copy out all php in charge of form to another page to form my reg.php. and i was able to redirect to success.php. i followed ur steps and it just work perfect without dat error. and infact… i had to save it somewhere for reference and feature use. lols:slight_smile: thanks so much. pls give me your contact. so i can call you. :slight_smile:


:scream: i’m not a sir!!! lol, but :smile: its’s all good, I’m glad you were able to solve the issue :thumbsup: as for my contact just send me a private message, Thank you.


Ok, I WILL. . . currently working on ma CSS.


Whatever your hand findeth to do, DO IT WELL (Excellently). I appreciate the time and effort put into this but I wasn’t impress with the quality of what I saw. Excellence is key. I think in your next iteration, you should compare the standards of what you’ve done with the existing solutions. This will help you to come up with a more innovative and creative solution.

Also how do you want to convince me that users password are not been stored in plain text? That’s not a professional practice.

Lastly presentation is key in any product/service. A well packaged product tends to receive more attention and acceptance from its audience. I’m sure you will gladly accept an iPhone as a gift than a 3310. Both can perform the basic functionalities of a mobile phone. However the former looks more attractive and in fact less stronger than the latter.

Presentation makes the difference.


Then you will need to collaborate with a UI expert.


My brother I envy you a lot here. You know why? Cas u hav combined little-ui/ux with some back-end job. I sob only cas I really have a long way to go before I get to backend programming. My advice, work with UI/UX specialists for now till you get good at it. As for the css, you need to do better. Am starving myself progress in2 backend in favor of frontend perfection. I believe patience is the key. When your interface is awesome, your code will become neater/simpler/less cumbersome. Free ux/uis r available online just incase u prefer to customize urs. You have completed the first rule in web dev which is, “make something!” Great Job man!