I created a New Chat and Instant Messenger app

youNme is an instant messaging service and application which provides text and voice communication. Stay in touch with friends and family and Instantly reach the people in your life—for free.
youNme is just like texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message, Privacy, free, real time connectivity, and the Messenger App for you and your friends.

• Send messages,
• Photos,
• Videos,
• Stickers,
• Group chats
• In-built pass-lock,
• Create a username,
• Search for friends globally,
• and files to your contacts!

youNme Founder/CEO and Developer Bashir Lawal Halilu





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.. Keep it up...

Cool. is it an android app…nd wet cn I download from

Cool boss, nice one .

Its cool but if you really need this to survive , it must have some amazing never seen features which I think ur app lacks…
You can always grow

Cool but ideas are needed in order to expand beyond the Im, text and voice features. DM me let’s crack something out!