I Can Assist You On Wordpress For Beginners. Tell me your needs

Hello People! This thread is created to meet your wordpress needs.

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Can you explain the very basics of creating pages with themes. I don’t understand the very concept of WP. I’m about declaring that I hate it until I saw your offer. :grinning: If you help I’ll probably remove that thought.

:wink:And you’ll be my WP guru…

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Working with wordpress is really easy…

Follow these easy steps to create pages

  1. Click On Appearance on your wordpress dashboard, then click on theme

  2. choose any theme you want or install any theme of you choice and click Activate.

  3. Click on page and Add new pages…

  4. Post your next question here and i will be glad to Reply.

Hey!!! Thanks a lot. This helped. I’ll check back when I need help.


No Wahala… you are carried.