Hey guys! I'm Anosime from CcHUB


Hello ani how are u doing I would really love to join this community am new here and I also want u to put me through all abut cc hub so excited already would love to get a feed back from u here is my mail so we can begin transition peter.awonuga@yahoo.com mail me pls hoping to here from u my regards


Hello @anosime I would like to know how I can organize an event at CCHUB 6th Floor. I would like to organize an event in December for teaching chatbot development and its going to be a 1 day programme for all students and chatbot enthusiasts.

I would appreciate any information on how events at CCHUB are been scheduled.



Hello @tobi, great to hear from you.

Sorry for the delay in response. Can you send an email to me at anosime@cchubnigeria.com so we take it up from there?