Help Lara Get Smarter & Get Compensated for your efforts

I have a proposition for you guys: To get compensated for helping Lara get smarter.

Lara, a chat-bot for Public Transit directions -, needs to learn more, and she does that the more she interacts. Lara gets a lot of shares on WhatsApp University student groups, fellowship groups and other student groups. We want to keep that going so Lara can get smarter through more interactions.

So we setup a Whatsapp Student Groups Program where we incentivize folks like yourselves to post our Lara message in groups you belong to. To get involved:

  1. Students like yourselves will post a Lara Ad message in a WhatsApp group (of Greater than 30 Participants).
  2. Send confirmation of this post to us - Screen shot of group info showing: group name, number of members, and a screenshot of the message in the group.
  3. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive credit alert in your number from us for your effort.

If you’re interested or you know anyone who is - send me a direct message here to get started. FYI:

  • Only those who message me directly and use our Lara Ad message to get involved will get compensated for posts.
  • We’re giving between N200 - N400 credit for the post.

Thanks to all those that have participated already, if you know anybody else interested, ask them to send me a WhatsApp message here: 08138332548