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Sure. I really dont mind. But im having exams now so its not really a good time for me now


What part of web do you actually want to go into


Thanx a lot… I’ll do just that. Pls What do u mean exactly by framework?


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To start with, a framework is more like a tool box that has the tools to accomplish basic tasks e.g A carpenter’s toolbox would contain hammer, nails, etc.

In my case, I use Laravel(just started learning Angular 2)

Laravel is a PHP framework that makes you app development simple and faster, it comes with the basic things you need to build your web app and more e.g:
User authetication,
CSRF protection,
more at laravel.com

UI frameworks like Angular, Vue, React etc
provide you with things like:
two-way data binding,
ajax integration (so you write less code to make an ajax call)
Easy way to manipulate the DOM(Document Object Module)
etc More at their various sites.

So it makes you write less code than you would writing your web app from the scratch, so you focus on your app logic plus they are fun to learn.
I hope this helps :wink:

Javascript - what a crazy Programing Language

@abolajibisiriyu… You just opened my eyes and mind to a whole lot…:scream:… Thanx​:grinning:


its amazing how well you broke it down. “carpenter’s toolbox” :smiley:


I am working on a current project in which they use Laravel, and as a front end guy I’ll have to know how to work with them.

Can you give me some basic things I need to know as a front end on modifying the UI /visual of a . Laravel framework


@wonexo It depends, The guy(s) working on the back-end might require you to just build all the static pages and then they wire it to their code themselves, but if you’ve got access to the complete project (maybe you guys some form of version control e.g git), the project folder may differ based on the laravel version. so might want to know how that of the version they’re using looks like. but if you don’t want all the details :confused:, just know that:

The public directory is where all your assets like javascript and css files, images, fonts etc will be stored.
The resources/views directory is where your HTML files will be stored and you don’t store it as a .html file rather it would be stored as .blade.php (if they’re using the blade templating engine ) or just .php

They will know how to render and pass data to the html files.

I hope this helps :wink:


:smile: Thanks, I wanted to be as simple as possible.


Thanks it helped I’m presently able to work with it now , one last question if I may,

So if I want to link an external CSS from my index.blade.php how do I go about.


Ok, Since you’ve put your assets(css, js etc) in the public folder, you can access it like:


<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/app.css" > will link to the app.css file in your public folder i.e public/app.css

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/css/app.css" > will link to public/css/app.css

<script src="/app.js"></script> will link to the app.js file in your public folder i.e public/app.js

<script src="/js/app.js"></script> will link to public/js/app.js

You get the general idea, all your assets are linked relative to your public folder.

I hope this helps :wink:


i am new to programming oo :wink:


Hello. I’m new to program currently learning python. Is it possible to be both a front end and back end programmer?


Yeah, but you find out that you’d be into one than the other because they’re both broad, have fun :wink:


Yeah that’s true… Thanks


Hi. I’m not new to programming but I’m new to PHP. Any helpful pointers?


Nah, it’s C++ that uses pointers :slight_smile:


Wawuu. Very much wawuuu