Have a say here if you're new to Programing


Hi! I’m awesohme, I’ve always had interest in computer science, never bores me either and the solving a lot of tech problems is super fun too… anyway! I recently decided to learn a language or two…

I started with C, still on C though aha… it’s been good so far

I’ve only noticed it’s pretty outdated, in the sense that, you have to costim write a number of functions that you’ll simply think should be there by default, and I’ll soon get to pointlers in the tutorial I’m using, a friend of mine told me, pointers was what turned him off towards C… I’ve been on hiatus for a while though, school and other life events…

Here I hope I can bring people who are new to Programing or experienced programmers to talk about their learning process and give advices, and to periodically check in here and give progress updates that way, we’ll motivate each other to keep going (especially whenever it gets out the hair pulling head banging on walls stages lol)


I would advice that you start with something simpler such as php or python then move over to java before c. The simple to complex approach usually works better for me.


Thank you :slight_smile: I was planning on Python after the c tutorial, I suppose I didn’t know a particular language is more simple or complex than the other, I figured one just has to figure the syntax, but thank you again for this, I’ll do just that.


Hi… I’m also new to programming… Learnt HTML, CSS, php and JavaScript… Basics though… I’m new here too… @sophie😋


Ha! That’s quite a number of languages you have under your… belt? (Or abortion belt fashion thing ?) nice to meet you. :slight_smile:


I’m also new to programming, and I will like someone to enlighten me about the "front-back end"
I think the front consists of HTML and others and it’s pretty much easier?


Howdy Serspreader… Front end web development entails the part of the web we see like content, styling… Basically the user interface (u.I). Languages involved basically include HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc while Backend which is the server-side aspect I.e what makes the site functional, responsive and interactive. Languages like php, Python, asp.net, c#…etc comprises back end… Just check online for articles based on front end and back end programming… Try this site http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/i-dont-speak-your-language-frontend-vs-backend . Best of luck dear


Hmm. This one’s got a sense of humour :smile:


I’m also new to programming and I think I know where to start now from you guys post :mortar_board:


You really mean business BigTime…


@Sophie made a good point, and after you’ve gone through HTML, CSS and Javascript. I think a good place to continue your javascript is jQuery and for CSS bootstrap , then you are spoilt for choices as to the UI frameworks to learn and use e.g Angular, React, Vue etc…

For anyone who is wanting to learn to code, learning is easy but mastering needs a lot work i.e spend time getting your hands dirty in code…

For me i try to understand 90% of my code so i know where to look when i have issues and Google is your friend…:wink:


i agree with him. there are so many exciting and new technogies out there that after going throught all this, you’d love to lay your hands like typescript


Nice post here. I’m also a programmer not yet a pro that much since I still do engineering studying and I’m not a computer science student but I love computer so I went on to studying electronics Engineering and also I’m a developer. What Cchub is doing now is really cool and awesome for us here, I had plans to do this same web platform but I didn’t because I’m not a web developer for now but I do nice UX and UI designs so instead I created a whatsapp group to gather both girls and boys who love coding on my campus and also from there host contents. I love Python, but I started with Java which I have reduced coding on recently since have found python, I also started coding C++ for like 2 weeks now instead of C( older version of C++), I do Arduino C too for programming my arduino board and sensors.


hello ipaye… i am new on this Hubactually i developed this love for web designs and i need someone to work with… i hope yu work wif me… thanx


hello sophie, i am nwe on this Hub and also new to web design but i am pretty Good wif my HTML and Cascading style S… sincerely Javascript has been a litle of a Problem… Hope u help out thanx.


what aspect of the language are you having problems with


Sure. I really dont mind. But im having exams now so its not really a good time for me now


What part of web do you actually want to go into


Thanx a lot… I’ll do just that. Pls What do u mean exactly by framework?


:raised_hands: You’re a pro man… Keep it up… Which school do u attend cos I’ll like to be part of that group…