Gdg Lagos meetup location


Please any idea where gdg Lagos have there weekly meetings and when …or any other developer group around yaba.


Hiya @temmyadex, Please can you assist?


Oh Kay, so for a start, I’ll advice you get on Meetup in other catch up with other developer community and then get on the GDG Lagos meeting list, which does not only talk about event but other opportunities.

To this end and not forgetting usable at the hub on the last Thursday of the month.

Last Friday of every month is happy hour at leadspace at alagomeji or even a trekkable distance from CcHub.


Sorry what happens on last Thursday’s I didn’t get that


Its called Usable, Its a UX meetup for developer designer and Enthusiast or anyone interested actually in UX,
The Meetup hold Every last Thursday of the Month.


Where? …