Forget Full Time Employment: Make Money Managing Social Media Accounts for Brands in Nigeria

Hi guys, Daniel here from

Some months back i did a post about our recently launched startup at the time Qwikkly. A platform that focused on connecting brands and businesses with Social Media Influencers. While the use of Social Media influencers has over and again be proven to be one of the best forms of advertisement seconded to Word of Mouth Marketing. Good to know, Nigerian brands are gradually embracing the trend, jumping on social media and employing the use of influencers.

That being said, with the sudden adoption of social media by both small and big brands alike. Most brands when approached first asks for the service of a social media savvy millennials to help manage their presence across major platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Looking around, while there are a number of Marketplaces that connects people with service providers, there notably isn’t any that focuses on social media thus our recent pivot to focus on this need.

We are now a platform that connects businesses & brands with the best Social Media Managers for a small monthly fee. As opposed to hiring full staff, all account managers on Qwikkly understands the importance of time, Goal and metrics thus brands and freelancers onboard Qwikkly can agree to monthly goals and where the freelancers fails to deliver at the stipulated time, an agreed percentage is deducted from their pay at the end of the month.

We just gotten started on this model but we sure are getting some notable traction. Check us out if you are a brand looking to get Social media account Managers or if you are a looking to make some extra bucks managing social media accounts for brands monthly. Again, link to platform is

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