Finally done with SpaceRun, Screenshot

After days of hardwork I am finally releasing SpaceRun windows edition, it my first release it cool for a start, free for now
download it here;

Just play and enjoy, Androd package may come soon (having second thoughts)…
Also be expecting ma next release “The Hunt” its a sci–fi game.


So you actually build differently for different platform, that’s funny u know. I use iOS so I can’t download it. Maybe you should try just building it for cross-platform use( probably using intelXDK), it’s gonna be better that way for you and the users.

I can convert it to IOS but its just that I have something else doing now

Why naa. Don’t u want we using iOS to play your game. And u should know that with our super device out review can be the best // LOL

you have point, In ma next game I’ll do just that

@Ogunniyi what language or framework did you use to build that. Looks cool by the way.

blender + python, if your talking of the above img.