Check this new social networking website I created...

I created this website that connects people with a similar hobby together.

Still doing some usability tests on all the features on the website

Tell me what you feel about the website.

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Hi, from what i can see/guess, the website uses wordpress which i don’t have any problem with, but it’s all congested and i can’t pick out the basic thing the website does and its seems you didn’t edit your images which is making your site slow… Just my review :grin:

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So i’ve had a run through of the site and one thing you definitely need to improve on is your ui. tbh rn its not looking like a site id visit again because i had a hard time navigating through.
sorry if i sounded too harsh.

its toooooooooo slow mehn… plus from what i see, i think you are a newbie in web design, the key is starting really simple. keep working and you’ll get there one day.

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The site is a work in progress, you’re almost there though. Good idea by the way

I just hope somebody doesn’t steal the idea by then :pensive:

Thanks for your honest opinion…

Will improve the UI soon enough

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Thanks Everyone for checking it out and for the opinions… The site is still a work in progress


hey man , thats a nice job u have… its really cool

Wow!!!.. Thanks for that

nice work man… would love to get in contact with you if you don’t mind.

The site is too congested
if u dont mind , create sections for some stuffs

There are various sections on the site. Probably you didn’t navigate past the homepage

i like the idea of connecting people who are passionate about the same things , i think you should add locations to it where those who do those particular things actually meet up , you know like a hobbie directory!

Nice bro, it’s a really good job. Just keep working on it, there are hundreds of gys out there with this same idea and are working on theirs.
Dont give up

Hi brother, I tink we are working on the same project. and having same problem with UI/UX. mine is a social network. with Instant Massage ( dnt know if we can work togeda. dis ma number 08066291798. am always online on whats app. anytime . will be expectatin ur ping.

I’ll get in touch with you

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