CcHUB Graduate Program


Yes, you will get a reply.


Oh…why didn’t i hear about this graduate program would hv entered for it information is key truly. Which other program is available nw for us that missed the graduate training? thank you…


We will keep you updated.


I did not receive any updates as regards my graduate internship program application… Why is that?


Still no news or update?


Hi, Anosime. I got shortlisted. I’m really eager to write the test but, for now, I’d like to know if there’s a continuity plan for the best trainees after the 3-month programme. If yes, how exactly is it, please?

Thank you.


@anomise Please, reply. Thanks.


Hello @LawalTemitayo, Congratulations on being shortlisted!

After the 3-month programme, we will take in the best trainees.


Hello . I got an email saying i was shortlisted. And another at almost same time that i wasnt. Am sorry but how come.


Hello @Afolabi_Mayowa, we have reached out via email to all the applicants.


@aliuyusuf003 Check your email inbox for the feedback. We have reached out to everyone who applied.


Yes i got the email. But two emails. First one at 1:45 saying i wasnt shortlisted. Then another by 2 saying i was. So am confused.


Oh, that’s great. Thank you. I heartily appreciate.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


Ok. This was probably due to a duplicate application. If you got a successful status email, it means one of your application was successful and you can come for the test and interview when the date is announced.


Ook. I guess i will be expecting an email in respect to the test.


Hello. Any updates on the training test and interview date.


@anosime please any update about the programme. After receiving a success mail, I haven’t heard anything. Thought it was to run from August to October


@anosime please when will that of 2018 commence


@anosime please when is cchub graduate program for 2018 going to commence


Hello @Iamsegun, thanks for reaching out!
We will keep you informed and updated as soon as the program is ready to commence.