CcHUB Graduate Program

Hi guys,

Today, we’re adding our quota to closing the huge gap between what students learn at Nigerian universities and what employers need through the #CcHUBGraduateProgramme

The CcHUB Graduate Program is a 3-month immersive experience, to equip graduates with relevant skills to help them transition into careers.

If you want to spend the best 3 months of your life building an exciting career, apply at

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Hii… I am computer science student, and I am on I.T, I have built alot of projects using javascript and jquery, please is it possible to join this program so as to enhance my skills

You must have completed your NYSC programme.

Meanwhile, check The CcHUB Student Commnunity.

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Is there any program for IT students?

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Check Internship at cchub, specifically Anosime’s reply
or send a message to @anosime.

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As @Ileriayo mentioned, you should have completed your NYSC programme within the past 3 years to be eligible to apply.

@Chigozie_Madubuko No, right now, we do not have any programs for IT available.

please when will the application close, i think i have a very little time to work out something. please respond asap

Hello @Ay_Babsolat. We will announce when the application will close. I will also update everyone here.

Hello all, The application for the graduate programme ends tomorrow, August 1st, 2017. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Good luck!

Hello. I just completed my Javascript To Do list yesterday, but was unable to submit it due to poor internet where I was. So my plan was to do that this morning, as I came to a place with better internet. Now it’s just 8:35 am, and the application is closed, I feel I have wasted so much energy and time. Please, can the application be extended until the end of today? 'cause that’s what I thought when I saw that it ends August 1st.
Thank you.

Hiya, @Joshua! Oops, sorry about your internet issues. We have considered your request and have opened it up to allow you submit your project. Trust you will send it in as soon as you can.

Looking forward to receiving your application!

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Isn’t that just lovely?
Thank you.
I have submitted, and I hope to get in.
I feel like I’m on the inside already.
Thank you!

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You are welcome, @Joshua. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

Please and please i need to be part of the graduate program.i completed my NYSC this year May 2017.Can you help out?Thank you

I already applied. I am really hoping to join the team. Great to be here.


Hey @JUMOKE_OLUPINLA, Sorry to hear you were unable to apply. Unfortunately, the application is closed.

Wow even i am impressed.

Yes O, I really hope for a successful one. Thank You.

Me to. I already started angular2 myself to brush up on the basics. I just hosted a angular version of my javascript todo list.