Staying relevant: Your Only Secured Life Tool


Hello Super charged people in here,

What a pleasure and an honor to share the First Friday in February with you,
I am glad that amidst all the insanity that fills our worlds, and Nigeria to be particular… You still have it top your mind to be here to learn, grow, connect and birth those dreams you have always had.

Cheers to the Better you ,


Being a Serial Entrepreneur is still the best caption for what I do and what I am… I see problems to resolve, and I find solutions to them… Do I have nature talents, YES… don’t be surprised; the dead can rise when I sing and play my bass guitar… Yet, that desire to solve problems, to be significant as taken me into several levels of business, social entrepreneurship …name it

MY FOCUS (for a while now has been - to help individuals, though leaders, youths alike to DO MORE , BE MORE, with the use of the INTERNET, and doing so with every possible level of security)

This has granted me the privilege to serve as the Youth Ambassador to IGF in Nigeria (UN-Internet Governance Forum (IGF) under the Tac- International, Paris ).

Same desire has given me the chance to be awarded an Ashoka Changemaker Scholar and a member of the Board of Advisers to a chapter of Intel Student Partners and Google’s WomenTechMakers.

I work with a couple of other firms, PromageMedia is chief amidst others and Founded, SparkAfrik a social - enterprise with a pronounced project called Tech&Teens Initiative; focusing on developing young people, kids and teens alike on “How To Code”, Online Safety for kids and non-techies and technological complaints of Girls and the under-served Nigerian youths

[Let's Discuss] Staying relevant: Your Only Secured Life Tool

If i had my way , i would love to meet every single person in here, hear your story - yeah… I am professor in attentive listening… People say they get healed when they just talk themselves out to me while I just listen…

Funny thing is, I would still be doing much of listening today, over this platform and my inbox too (

before the listening party begins…
Let’s do some demystifying to the topic above - Staying Relevant: Your Only Secured Life Tool


Its been discovered that, people live a better life when they decide to see life HOLISTICALLY - That is, you see every single thing around you as connected to you in some way, taking every thing around you into account.

Are we still talking CYBER-SECURITY? oh yeah… Cyber-Security is not a digression from your daily life… If people can DIE , they can as well DIE-DIGITALLY. and since no one is an instigator of the digital life, the moment you begin to have a life on the internet (Digital Life), you are at the mercies of devices, protocols, firewalls, hacker, breaches blah blah…

so in a nutshell, cyber-security, business, social media, your life as a student and a social entrepreneur - hustler as some would want to call it… is not disconnected… from the total success you which to ACHIEVE.

you might not have all the control, but you do make choices, and thoes choices are the result we see in your life daily…


Staying relevant means a lot to me!!!
I really wish I could do more than you are doing,I like when things has to do with development, evolving changes and detest static structures or functionalities and as a result I felt in love with Software Development while being a Political Science Undergraduate in Kwara State University, Kwara State. It’s advisable to be relevant.

But my question is!!
How do we manage our focus with relevancy?


@Serspreader Thanks for joining the conversation, I am noting all the questions… I would answer all the questions as soon as I complete my prepared though HERE…

Thumbs up to the things you have been doing… May your creative never dwindle


I’ve just written a post on how to Safeguard WhatsApp Privacy,
[6 tips for safeguarding your Whatsapp]


I would also like to know about how you became an yIGF ambassador and what are the prospect for other nigeria youth interested in becoming one. I would also like to thank you for been a source of inspiration


No matter how friendly you see people daily, wait till the issue of Money, survive and food becomes the source of dispute. You would then realize that friendship itself, was just a tool towards LIVING and SURVIVING.

Look at the friends you do have now, you would realize that those friends are there for a reason. There is a benefit you derive from them. The moment those benefits stops (the moment those friends stops been relevant to you), you MIGHT revoke their friendship

so Life itself is a BATTLE, the battle of the fittest. If you desire to make the most of this age, the 21st century - You must begin to see your contribution to the digital world as a ticket to an UNSEEN BATTLE.

The moment you start making MEANING, the moment you start making SENSE, no matter how little the SENSE is… You have no choice than to treasure those “SENSE” - They are your brain child… That they Live on the internet , makes them porous to attack to any one who finds those “SENSES” - The question is - would they attack, and why would they?



The contribution you’re clamouring for will push so many to the Tech/Net Enterprise, but the contribution has to be unique in it’s very nature and not just making sense.
Someone can just develop on an existing idea, add extra features (Graphics??).

UNSEEN BATTLES? :confused:
I can;t comprehend it’s actual meaning, beacuse I see the Digital World as a high visible environment where you can get known in minutes!


UNSEEN BATTLES - Because you don’t know who is watching, you don’t know who h an eye on you for the negatives - Until they UNLEASH…

Can the battles be seen? YES, at the point when your attackers decide to turn their thoughts in to actions.


Gracias :smiley:


The world is moving at a pace faster than ever, it’s so easy to be confused, it’s so easy to be misled…
the weight of “information overload” is almost getting unbearable… and only few can make headway under this circumstances…


  1. “the problem for us is that we are trained and prepared for peace, and we are not at all prepared for what confronts us in the real world - war.” The thought that being nice to one another is the best way to behave is merely a piece of misinformation put out by the masters of the game. Those who have made it in the society like to present a peaceful, pleasant face to the public, but according to the author they know very well that it is every man for himself - even in families and relationships.

  2. Many, and I say 85% of the Nigerian Students are “dead on arrival” - schooled with belated theories…
    that’s the more reasons you see that the so called “rebels” stand out. Our systems are faulty, our lecturers would have loved to be current but, sorry they are not.

  3. The environmental factors are not even helping… A phone with a student this days, is a major source of distractions than a tool of advancement.

What other problems befalls an average Nigerian Student? List them - Many? Yes, they are…

So what’s the way Out? How do you as a Student:

  • Make more meaning than you currently do?
  • How do you affect more lives with the little you have with no complaint about the things you don’t have?
    -how do you thrive despite the low access to funds?
    -How do you live beyond your limitations?

Cyber-Security is just a point, it’s not the major conversation today, the goal is to learn from Cyber-Security and how its has been going and apply them in life…

Another that main point intended for us to learn is CONSTANT UPDATE, CONSTANT UPGRADE…
from my works in Cyber-Security, it all boils down to “who has the update version of breaches, patches, penetrative tool” conversation is on the NEW, NEW NEW,… Why ? because any single gadget or software you have below a standard is just the hallway to being brutally hacked…

Same goes for your life… Nigerian student are hacked on arrival… they need patching… Good news is, they can all be patched. Sad News is, many of then don’t even know that there is a defect in them and their beliefs


DOD: thats the honest truth that has been staring us in the face but i’ve refused to see


Sometimes you have to look at the bad puddings, take some inspirations from them , and remind yourself that despite all these, you would remain resolute not to settle for the least.


True Talk :slight_smile:


SO whats the answer to all these questions,

stay with me on this story -

There was a general General Napoleon Bonaparte, as far back as 1805, he was regarded as a god of war the then modern war.

He was limited in numbers, in years of experince unlike his enemies. A couple of things we could draw from him.

In his time, Nation cordinated there battles,some set most go before a another set, in very apt and specific orders… large armories were used,

since Napoleon was not as equiped as they were, he went with a model that exactly negates what the world knew. His soldiers were in smaller groups, they were equied to be swift. light and scarttered

Napoleon becamed feared. He stricks from the unconventional points. He became dread.

Could he had resigned to fait and say he was going out of war because of his limitations? Yes. but he did not.

Same for us too…

i have outlined a number of points that would help you live a secured life. The truth the real secured life is a life filled with calculated risk, sometimes, blind risks too

  1. Be honest with yourself and know your limit well. Know them well than any other person
  2. Make do with what you have. Leverage your assets.
  3. Ensure you don’t get boxed up in your current thoughts and understanding.
    remember these

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.

  1. In whatever stage you find yourself - Good , bad, ugly, even the most ridiculous situations - GIVE - Make meaningful contributions still. Mother Earth will reward you. Always !!!

  2. I don’t assure of smooth transitions through life. but Our successes are conditioned by the amount of risk we are ready to take. so Take RISK more than ever… You will be toughened by them

but practically…

  1. Connect more with new audiences beyond this platform.
  2. Seek opportunities by creating the offers and not sitting for an applications to open up for you
  3. Be the initiator of something bigger than you. What good can you do by repeating the actions within your current power? That is not growth… Do more than your level…
  4. Settle your personal finances (Create a side business, no matter how little - you would be glad your hands are profiting you)
  5. If you have sat with php all your life its time to learn how to make pizza. Explore other worlds than the one you are used too…

i hope this makes some SENSE?

Questions? I am game for them…Please SHOOT


Great idea. I should try this.


Very inspiring and thought provoking. I will make sure to put them into use.


Thanks for asking @tobi
First I say becoming YIGF Ambassador was a product of Doggedness. Nothing good, Wait… i mean nothing worthwhile come on a platter of gold.

EVERY WELL-MEANING ACT would be rewarding, NOW or LATTER

I remember that single night i filled the form hooping from one persons laptop to another, because I had non , even though 250+ laptops passes my hand yearly…

Even with such, Out of me not getting reponse from previous related forms i have filled, I stayed all night looking for opportunities where it seems never to exist…

then I came by a page, with a simple request, i filled it - In my mind “lets see what this one will get us ooo… thats even if they respond”

2 months down the line, i got a mail, i have even forgotten i filled a form… so the journey began, another complex form was sent., verification process and for almost 8 months we were on it. and finally… I got the accreditation.

There are so many opportunities waiting to be tapped… nly the Dogged would get.

Well, YIGF Ambassadorial Role is more like a voluntary work… Prospects for those intrested? I am not sure… but if you are passionate about “making the lifes of people better through, the internet, I think you have a role already”

You should be a leader even without a so called ROLE or OFFICE.

How you could become one ; Kindly keeps with me and I will inform you when enrollment begins


Here is my email Please keep me posted when the enrollment begins. Then I’m planning on organizing a Youth Programme in my area (Ikorodu). I dont know if it is legal to add Internet Governance Forum as one of the sponsors.and can I invite you.