Programmers, web developers and app developer needed


Hello my ogas, please i have an idea for a startup but i really need some Tech oriented people like a programmer, a web developer or an app developer. Let us form a team and start up a fruitful company. If you are interested, kindly contact me. Thanks


I’m a web developer how do I reach you


Am a Web developer and graphics designer, am working on the same project and maybe we can team up on this. Might want to contact me on +2347036677456 or whatsapp on +2347085954607.


Okay will contact you guys. But am still in need of a professional programmer


Am into web development (front end )… 0703268349


it will be better if you can specify the specific skills you need.
By the way, i’m a web developer and can be reached by email


Please contact me through my website