Partnership in the Nigerian circle


Hello everyone… i am osheyi… geology student at the university of ilorin. I feel the need to partner. So i would like to knw what everyone else thinks about partnerships?


It has its pros and cons… I do hope you’re B talking about “partnership” in its literal meaning right? It’s not some program or initiative ?


It’s better you suggest a product or project or vision. People connect based on similar things they care about.


In this life, we cannot go at everything alone. That’s why partnership is necessary.

But when you partner, better to do it right.

Make sure you partner with someone with whom you share the same values and vision. To find this out, you need to know what your own vision and values are, but you also need to interact with your potential long enough outside work environment to know theirs. It’s not what they say, it’s what they show

Be sure what you are bringing to the partnership and be sure what the other party is bringing. Partnership is about sharing competences and resource. Making up for each others weaknesses with your strengths

Not all partnerships work but don’t let that stop you. Keep trying till you find the partnership that works


Yeah, partnership!!! I want to partner as well but what scope of life/tech are you into. I’m just guessing you are not looking to partner with another geologist.

What kind of professional would you like to partner with?


Before jumping into partnership with anybody, I think it’s best to first know yourself, and it’s very important to list out your weaknesses and strength and find a viable partner that has at least 70% percent of your weakness as strength so he/she can leverage your weakness.


Well… it will be nice to start simple… so id say yes, partnership in the literal meaning… I would love to knw more from experiences of people (young) that have been in any form of business partnership. Both pros and cons. Thanks


Have u been in a partnership before?


I would love to partner with someone with a different orientation from mine… I.e a tech guy that has got skill and a fantastic imagination.