My Experience as an Entrepreneur - MO Details


My name is Mariam Olatunji, Creative Director/CEO at MO DETAILS. I am a 400 level student of the department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos.


I started my journey as a fashion entrepreneur towards the end of my 200 level in 2015. I used to buy female clothes in small quantities from the market and go sell at school to my classmates and then I began to go to friends’ hostels to market my wares and soon people began to make orders, somehow I began to shop for people personally according to their tastes and I saw it as a good thing to do to be financially independent in my own little way.

Towards the end of the year 2015, during my second semester holiday, I was at home and a friend messaged me and advised me to go learn fashion designing since I was already into the fashion line and that I should learn how to make those wears I bought at the market.

That was how I began to make moves towards designing outfits for females. That was the beginning of MO DETAILS!


I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I come from a home where everyone is struggling to make ends meet. However, I do not allow that diminish me or make me lose focus. Therefore, it has made me strong. My main motivation has been the urge to be financially independent.

I wanted more for myself than I was given and the most reasonable way I could achieve that was to do something extra which I have always been doing. And this has not in anyway affected my studies.
Also, my love for fashion and being the brain behind nice and well-tailored outfits has kept me going.


As much as one strives as an entrepreneur, there are bound to be challenges and they’ve

  1. Juggling school with business has been challenging, but I try as much as possible to balance things so as not allow one affect the other.

  2. Satisfying choosy customers. Some clients feel you need to be drilled in order for them to derive satisfaction and so they exhibit some characters. Nonetheless, as an entrepreneur one needs to be patient because many of them become your regular customers.

  3. Debts from “regular customers”. In as much as you try to avoid being owed, you can’t just help it. But I try to set a limit and know how to deal with these debtors.

  4. Unforseen losses/mistakes which come up along the way. This can create set backs if one isn’t careful.

  5. Financial constraint. This is the biggest of all the challenges. Many will assume that I have been in this business for a while, but this factor does not determine how much you have especially when you do business on a small scale as a result of your current capacity. It seems like you’re not even working, but it takes perseverance to keep pushing harder and not give up.

I operate a fashion business and as such I need to have the necessary equipments like a good smart phone /camera to take pictures and display online, mannequins for displaying outfits, more fabrics to make different outfits and display for sale, etc.

These equipment are essential for the growth of my business.


Apart from the financial support I have gotten from running a business, I have been able to learn how to deal with and handle people from different spheres of life. I has made me to become more hungry for knowledge as this is useful in order to remain relevant in the industry.

Most importantly, I have learnt to take risks as I am always willing to try things out no matter what!


Owning a brand has made it possible for me to convince them at home that age is just a number and that what matters is the courage and willingness to start/achieve something no matter how small.

At school, I have been able to convince my mates and lecturers who know me that your background has nothing to do with how you run your life. You get to choose where you want to belong in life.

I hope my story touches someone to begin to do something meaningful today, and don’t let anything or anyone stop you… Money will come, just remember to always render your services properly and effectively! Never Stop , Never Settle!

Kindly follow my business on Instagram @modetails
Or reach me via 08136534173.

Best wishes,
Mariam Olatunji (MO DETAILS)


Thank you, Mariam for sharing your story!

I particularly enjoyed your motivation story.However, I have a question to ask: If you were to give a 2-minute pitch to give to a potential investor about Mo Details, how would you sell Mo Details to them?

Also, how have you been able to improve your skill since you started?