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This Friday, join us as we host this week’s ‘Let’s Discuss’ session with Oluwadunsin Fatuase

Oluwadunsin Fatuase, Youth Ambassador: yIGF (Youth in Internet Governance Forum) Founder SparkAfrik, Alumnus, Federal University of Akure.

We will be discussing cyber security, social entrepreneurship and how to be an effective well-versed student.

Dunsin Fatuase is a Serial Entrepreneur who is all out for the full maximization of the Internet’s potential.

He has been helping individuals, Businesses, but most importantly youths to take right charge of the internet for socio-economic development.

He is an Ashoka Changemaker Scholar and a member of the Board of Advisers to a chapter of Intel Student Partners and Google’s WomenTechMakers.

He currently serves on the UN-Internet Governance Forum (IGF) under the Tac- International, Paris as the Youth Ambassador to Nigeria.

'Dunsin is also the Founder, SparkAfrik a social - enterprise with a pronounced project called Tech&Teens Initiative; focusing on developing young people, kids and teens alike on “How To Code”, Online Safety for kids and non-techies and technological complaints of Girls and the under-served Nigerian youths

Date: Friday, 3rd of February 2017.
Time: 11.00 AM

Venue: student.cchubnigeria.com

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Hello Super charged people in here,

What a pleasure and an honor to share the First Friday in February with you,
I am glad that amidst all the insanity that fills our worlds, and Nigeria to be particular… You still have it top your mind to be here to learn, grow, connect and top your personal game…

Cheers to the Better you ,


Thanks for been here. I would personally like to know more about your success stories.


So how did you become an yIGF ambassador and how can I become one


Thank You so much Tobi for your kind words,

i would answer your questions, However, conversations has moved here >>> Staying relevant: Your Only Secured Life Tool

please do well to join us there…