Free co-working space at CcHUB


Hey @Analorgue, I am interested in knowing more about ‘Startupnaija’. Yeah, like @abolajibisiriyu pointed out, what do you mean by being an outsider?


@abolajibisiriyu @anosime I’m sorry guys for replying this late, I didn’t realise I had mentions till now. Well by outsider, I mean I’m currently running a degree program in animal biochemistry and nutrition at one of those unis always blabbing on about being the best and all. No relation to being a computer guy… On startupnaija, it’s as simple as it sounds… A platform where any entrepreneur could expose a project to anybody willing and impressed enough to invest in. Exactly like kickstarter just this time with some tweaks and available only to Nigerians( at least for now). On second thought, this should actually be in alignment with cchub’s ideology. Between, I would really appreciate the offer of a tour (like please guys)… What do you guys think???