Free co-working space at CcHUB


Hey guys,

Are you working on an academic project at school or would like a conducive environment to research on a personal project that can impact lives?

Tell us what you’d like to use our co-working space for (i.e give us a summary of your project) and we will choose from the most convincing pitch (es).

P.S: * The chosen pitch allows for only ONE person access to the space.
*This access is a 7-day access.
*This project may not be entirely a technology project but should be a social innovative project.

Update: This access will now last for one month (30 days) for students who have interesting projects to work on.


Hello ,please how do I send my proposal…is there an email or do I just drop it here?


Hello @benji, Please drop a summary of the content here.


Okay, I’m working on a project to develop a mobile app for my school community (University of Lagos). It is aimed at revitalizing communucation efforts and to improve the learning system in the university . This app would have the following features 1.) A dashboard for cummication between students and lecturers
2) Study timer for building effective study habits to improve academic performances and heighten time management
3)Digital library to provide access to books and course materials
4) self assessment and self-assisting tools that give room for constant review of academic efforts and progress.
5)Q & A solely for the purpose of asking questions which would be provided by fellow students thereby improving learning through peer to peer interaction
6) columns to disseminate in the best and easiest possible means, information and news on campus
7) Market place for students to display their goods and services to other students on campus.

In summary , the app is aimed at encouraging collaboration, sharing of resources, transmission if new ideas and virtual expansion of the classroom walls providing a personalised experience with their mobile phone.


Hey @benji,

Brilliant! I definitely would like to know more about your project.

I am particularly interested in 1 to 5. I feel 6 and 7 is a ubiquitous feature in most student-based platforms/ blogs but is a cool feature if you are looking to go commercial.

I’d like to know what stage you are currently on with this app and also if you have you been able to do any form of market research among your classmates.

… and sorry for my late response :slight_smile:


Hi @anosime
I could send you the full/complete and detailed proposal ,I just decided to make it very brief since you asked for summary. So far I’ve only been able to design the user interface of the major parts of the app in .PSD . I have also conducted a market research with over 200 students within and out side my class and I got a very positive result. I have also pitched this idea to the school authority hoping I would get some sort of sponsorship but I was only applauded for the good work. However ,I have not been able to do anything on the project sincebi left school due to the poor power supply at home which explains why I hardly come online here.


Hey @benji. Fantastic! We are pleased to offer you space to work.

Looking forward to working with you @benji


Hi @anosime
Wow , I’m excited , how/when so I get started?


Hi @anosime ,
Wow , I’m excited . How/when do I get started?


From tomorrow, Friday 11th of November, 2016 if possible. :smiley:

Share the details as I mentioned via inbox and we will take it further from there.


can i share my idea here too


@kaytop yes, you can.


Benji very good idea!,
funny am doing the exactly same thing from 1-7.


Hi @tennerick
That’s nice. …maybe we could work together since we’re from the same school


sure like 08054768563 , add me up so we could talk!


Hi, I will like to bring my Social Network to CC-HUB … Currently online now ( but just need some moderation


Hello @Olusegun_Akiode, I opened the link but was not able to see much - I probably opened at the wrong time.

I’d like to know more about your Social Network, Kindly provide answers to these questions:

  • What would you like to achieve with this Social Network?

  • What problem is it meant to solve?


Thanks for your response.
The name of the Social Network is SGZ Chat and dis is the correct link to it .(
What the Chatting site is all about is just to create a local made chatting site in the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc. but made in Nigeria. bringing features from oda social network in existence to form a simple one.

Wat i really wanted to achieve is just to have an Indigenous chatting site for Nigeria. not keeping all our Information with outsider (twitter and Co) Imagine Nigeria Police having twitter page, Even Nigeria Gov have a twitter page. lols. and dats all i tink and dats how SGZ Chat Idea came up.

The problem am having with it now is just dat. currently, i will say its 50% done. but the major issue now is the UI/UX of the project. not too looking nice . and y i reduce the graphics quality from the origin of the development was dat i wanted the response time faster and low data consumption compare to other social network.

I will really appreciate if ma request granted .
Thank you.
Ma whats app Number (08066291798) (always online)


Good day y’all. I’m sort of an outsider who has picked serious interest in programming. I have a few ideas but I feel most comfortable sharing this one.
In terms of market survey, there’s not much so far, but I realised it really is difficult for a budding start-up to get access to potential investors ( just take a look at Nigerian projects with 100% funding on kickstarter Clue: abysmal). On this note I think it would be cool if Nigeria had its own web-based entrepreneur-investor platform. That’s the idea behind trying to create “startupnaija”, our very own indigenous form of kickstarter. Even if I don’t get the workspace, a tour round cchub would be really cool.


Lol :smile: what do u mean by an outsider, and please can u give more details about this idea, thanks :thumbsup: