Found this on LinkedIn - Which one are you? [I'm Right]



Definatly right for me


i use both, it depends on the IDE I use for development, like the jetbrains IDEs use left and when I use sublime it uses the right


Right = Programming best practices.


@danny There’s really no such thing as best practices when it comes to indentation. There’s nothing wrong with either of them, just use one and stick to it, if you like.
If you work or get to work in company or a team on a project, they always have their coding guidelines/style which everyone working on the project complies with. :thumbsup:


Hmmm,as much as I respect your opinion, I do not absolutely agree with you that there is no such thing as best practices in indentation.

Indentation itself is a programming practice. What I mean is even if you do not indent your code, it’ll work if you hack your stuff right.

Meanwhile, indenting properly for code to be readable by other programmers is a best practice plus it is proffesional.

Look here


@danny to start with, you should always indent your code, what I’m saying is that there’s really no right or wrong way. It’s just like some developers prefer 4 space indentation to tab and vice versa. If you’re gonna be working in a team you guys will have to come up with a coding guideline which will cover your indentation style etc, because you guys will most likely have different coding style.


lol. whats the fuss all about.just choose one and go :joy:
btw i’m more of the right


lool! I use both but I prefer the left one:grinning:


Use both, depends on the idea or editor


The right is my reflex