Entrepreneurship for none graduate


I have come to notice that here in Nigeria when it comes to Entrepreneurship we tend to focus solely on Graduates, MBA, BSc, etc holders neglecting those with great ideas all because he or she did not attend University. I am a victim of this and it’s not funny at all I see no reason why banks, investors should turn me down when I seek for fund all because I did not attend one business school in London, us, Nigeria. We choose to forget that Entrepreneur is a turn of the heart and doing what one love, must I attend one University for that.

I discussed this with Mark Essen of hotel.ng and the reply I got was “why not go back and complete your school” all one need to be successful in life is God wisdom and Education, education is not just going to school.

Mentorship is part of education, seminars is part of education. We should learn to accommodate everyone that want to go into Entrepreneur all one need is to be mentored on what it takes to startup and run a business.

I tried applying for the Yes Program by the federal government but noticed that it was just mean’t for graduates and Nysc members that very bad and it’s really not encouraging at all. I have a great idea but after going to some funding company I was discouraged. What we should do is tutor and mentor anyone with great business idea and if possible fund that idea or link the person to where he or she can get fund. We have lots of talent wasting away in this country all because of discrimination in one way or the other.

Most world successful Entrepreneur drop out of school sometime in their life. Let’s make Nigeria a great hub for Entrepreneurship.