CP and Algorithm Programming


OK, guys. From the Title above I want to drop something about coding algorithms for fun and from there building great softwares. All these big tech complex companies; Google, IBM, Facebook and others make a big dependency on algorithms and they do host coding contests, Competitive Programming contests, like Google code jam, Hashcode, Facebook hackercup, ACM-ICPC. And also coding contest websites host theirs too, like Hackerearth, hackerrank, codechef, codeforce, topcoders, and from their great talents spring out and getting hired becomes easy. I saw this platform as the best place for me to drop this so as to encourage more maths wiz and programmers to dive into this and try to make wave in Africa. It’s not only about building apps or webs that’s better off, but also making codes work in real life and on anything. There is a WhatsApp group link I will be dropping here so we can join in and talk about some algorithmic problem sets we see online or during contest. https://chat.whatsapp.com/CfzFp5BkAmFG2xS1OKKg4s .You can join the group if you have experience about all what have typed above in any of these three languages, C++, Python and Java or also C# or any you think can compile fast well enough to beat some time limits sets for getting answers to a problem set or if you’re also passionate about algorithms. We can still have our talks here. Doing this, as Google will say, is all about learning and practice. Have fun coding guys.