Blurb: Covenant University Students Visits CcHUB


As part of their Summer Startup Boot Camp, students in the Hebron Start-up Lab incubation programme of Covenant University will be visiting the CcHUB facility today.

They are visiting CcHUB to learn about our operations, processes, and facilities.

If you will be among the students visiting, do drop a comment, feedback or even a selfie about your experience.

About the Hebron Start-up Lab

The Hebron Start-up Lab is Covenant University’s startup incubator programme designed to facilitate the process of venture creation from ideas and research outcomes of students, faculty and alumni of Covenant University.



Hi @anosime

I am Adams Abdulhakeem
I am a student of Computer Engineering , UNILORIN.
I reside in Lagos.
I am not new to programming even tho I am not as good too.
I wish to request for lealeauld utilise my Holiday period to the fullesfullestt and attain skills intead of while away in the holidays.
I am not new to the hub as well, I am one of the Efiko pilots, a winner also. I know a few number of people too like Uncle Mayowa, Kalu, Desmond, Tosin and the likes.
I would appreciate if you can help me see to my request, thank u.